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For our virtual interview, Kelly Allder, Vice President for Human Resource Programs at Ceridian, joins me to share her HR expertise on the topic: Show Me the Money! Getting Clarity on Compensation. Kelly is familiar with the not-for-profit context through her role as Executive Director of Ceridian Cares, Ceridian’s philanthropic foundation. Kelly emphasises the importance of starting with your organization’s values in articulating a clear compensation philosophy that then serves as the key foundation for making compensation decisions across the organization.


When it comes to organizational planning and change leadership efforts, a recent personal experience highlighted the value of the philosophy we put forward in our book The Abundant Not-for-Profit. The book centres on the idea that a clear and compelling mission, and a focus on attracting passionate, skilled people to contribute unique skills, provides access to an abundance of resources and skills to get the job done. As I discovered recently, groups looking to initiate or launch new change leadership efforts by focusing on resources other than people (like money) too soon can actually derail or inhibit the transition from an idea to a start-up!

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Vantage Point is a not-for-profit that is transforming not-for-profit leadership. We deliver foundational, advanced and custom learning opportunities focused on governance, leadership, planning and people engagement for new and seasoned not-for-profit sector leaders, board directors and managers.

Transforming how the not-for-profit sector approaches capacity building can ultimately lead to greater impact and collaboration in the communities and causes they serve. We work with over 3,477 individuals from more than 950 organizations every year delivering interactive learning that is readily put to use in the wide variety of organizations these people lead.

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