The City of Vancouver Partners with Vantage Point: Bursary Opportunity

The City of Vancouver, through the divisions of Cultural Services and Social Policy, is pleased to announce an exciting partnership with Vantage Point. The partnership was established to offer creative learning opportunities to leaders in the not-for-profit community through workshops, advanced labs and networking.

The partnership provides full bursaries for not-for-profit arts or not-for-profit community/social service organizations who are existing City of Vancouver grant recipients or who are primary tenants of City-owned or controlled spaces (and pay non-market rent) to attend workshops on board development, performance management and human resources recruitment, as well as longer term Advanced Learning Labs: Executive, Governance and Leaders. An eligible organization may participate in up to four learning opportunities per year (with a maximum of one advanced learning lab).

Candidates for workshops will be selected on a first come/first serve basis, while candidates for advanced learning labs will be selected by a panel according to specific criteria.

To apply for a workshop bursary, please complete the workshop application form. To apply for a bursary for one of the Advanced Labs, please apply via the specific Lab's application form. A listing of Advanced Labs is available here.

For information, please refer to the appropriate Division:


Cultural Services Program Information and Eligibility Criteria

Cherryl Masters, 604-871-6498,

Or please click here for details on the eligibility criteria


Social Policy Program Information and Eligibility Criteria

Annie Burkes, 604-871-6429,

Or please click here for details on the eligibility criteria


Vantage Point Learning Opportunities

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