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Governance Lab: Building Outstanding Boards

Lead your board from micro-management to macro-governance

Do you dream of a highly engaged and mission-driven board? Governance Lab is a unique, interactive shared learning opportunity to advance the effectiveness and efficiency of your board, by specifically targeting the board chair, executive director, and vice/incoming chair. Working within the Governance as Leadership framework, the program is designed to:

  • Ensure clarity and consistency around the roles and responsibilities of the board chair and the executive in leading, governing and managing the organization
  • Improve team leadership by strengthening the working relationship between the chair and the executive - creating a stronger board and a mission-driven organization
  • Create continuity of leadership through a shared learning experience

This program includes the following topics:

Topic #1 - Governing in the Not-for-Profit Sector
How to develop an organizational leadership model to align board, staff and volunteers to your mission. An introduction to the foundation of Governance as Leadership as developed by Richard Chait, Bill Ryan and Barbara Taylor.

Topic #2 - Developing Your Current Board
How to conduct (ongoing) board Assessments to clarify all members of the board are on the same page. How to become effective based on understanding the life cycle of your organization and your board.

Topic #3 - Increasing Board Involvement in Fund Development
Defining the role of the board and the executive in creating and lending a culture of friend (fund) development.

Topic #4 - Managing the Performance of the Executive Director
Defining performance planning and evaluation for the executive and the organization. This session examines methods for reviewing the performance of the executive director.

Topic #5 - Creating a Strategic Board
How to identify the six characteristics of an ongoing effective board of trustees. Building board diversity in a cognitive way.


We are offering Governance Lab Intensive - Vancouver Spring 2014 over one weekend- click here for details.


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