Alina Emery

Ask Alina about how to volunteer as a Knowledge Philanthropist, tips for self-care and everything Bad Bunny!

A headshot of Vantage Point's Volunteer Engagement Coordinator, Alina Emery

Alina Emery

Volunteer Engagement Coordinator

Alina is our Volunteer Engagement Coordinator leading our team of Knowledge Philanthropists. Alina has a passion for learning about our community’s needs, how to best support those needs, and inspiring self-awareness within folks who are excited to commit to personal growth. She brings an empathic, inclusive, and energetic mindset to her work and our team.

Upon completing two degrees in Counselling and Peace and Conflict Studies, Alina works towards supporting and building inclusive and diverse spaces within her community. Her previous roles have been predominantly related to office management with a focus around people and creating safe and inclusive workspaces. She is most passionate about helping people achieve their goals by leading their ideas to harmonious realities.

In her role at Vantage Point, Alina provides person-focused leadership through emphasizing with people and meeting them where they are in their journey, as well as providing new perspectives, organizational skills, and process enhancements. A few words to describe Alina would be Empathic, Inclusive, and Energetic.

Outside work, Alina is the founder of When I Becomes We a non-profit focused on matching passionate volunteers to cause-based organizations. You can also find Alina playing guitar, learning about random topics, or spending time with friends and family. If she could be anywhere at any given moment, it would be with her family in New York. Ask Alina about how to volunteer as a Knowledge Philanthropist, her non-profit and everything Bad Bunny!

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