Bob Wang YNE - The Vantage Point

Bob Wang

Ask an Expert - Sept 23, 2021 - Panelist

Bob Wang

Youth Network Event
Sept 23, 2021 – Ask an Expert

Bob Wang is currently the VP of Finance at Traction Guest, a fast-growing venture-backed startup. He’s passionate about helping teams succeed and organizations thrive. Previously, he started his own accounting firm, which was eventually acquired by Deloitte. Bob Wang won the Top 40 under 40 Award from the CPA Practice Advisor, recognizing Top Accountants who have significantly impacted the Accounting Industry in a meaningful way. He currently sits on the

Board of Vantage Point and Sharing Our Future Foundation. In the past, he served as treasurer for the Fringe Festival. He and his wife, Anne, have two wonderful girls under the age of 5. Life sure keeps him busy!

Current board affiliation: Vantage Point, Sharing Our Future Foundation


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