Lenya Wilks

Lenya Wilks


Lenya Wilks is an accomplished leader who is celebrated for her significant contributions to community service with a particular focus on equity, diversity, inclusion (EDI), and community collaboration and engagement. Boasting 6+ years at the forefront of community initiatives, Lenya has showcased her exceptional ability to foster collaboration, drive innovation, and secure impactful outcomes, all while prioritizing inclusivity and empowering marginalized communities.

Hailing from Jamaica, she embarked on a transformative journey to Canada, where she pursued her dual passions for music and community betterment at Brandon University in Manitoba. There, she deepened her musical talents and enriched her academic pursuits with a minor in business administration, equipping herself with the tools to champion EDI principles in every endeavour.

Lenya’s resilience as a survivor of sexual assault has only strengthened her resolve to advocate for EDI and capacity building in every aspect of her work. Her move in 2022 to Surrey, British Columbia, marked a significant career progression. At DIVERSEcity, she quickly became Director of Partnerships and Stakeholder Engagement. In this role, she is deeply committed to transforming the organization’s vision into impactful, community-focused outcomes through strategic partnerships and stakeholder engagement, always with a lens on uplifting marginalized communities.

Lenya Wilks embodies leadership with compassion and integrity, championing transformative change and setting a powerful example of how to lead with heart and inclusivity. Her efforts underscore the importance of building capacities and fostering environments where diversity is celebrated and seen as the bedrock of community strength and innovation.

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