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Olivia Gordon

Ask Olivia about cycling or what she’s reading!
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Olivia Gordon

Client and Program Delivery Coordinator
(604) 637-8297

Olivia is our Client and Program Delivery Coordinator, who is the first to greet our clients interested in custom and on-site delivery opportunities. She brings a thoughtful, compassionate, and critical thinking lens to her work. She cares deeply about social and environmental justice and working towards structural change.

After completion of a double major in Sociology and Philosophy, Olivia began her career as an intern at Pillar Nonprofit Network in Ontario. She later moved to Vancouver and provided academic support to English language learners. Of her many accomplishments, Olivia is very excited about her volunteer role with Pivot Legal Society in “Project Inclusion.” Project Inclusion focused on the specific ways that laws and policies in safety and health systems work to undermine services to marginalized communities.

Outside work, you might find Olivia cycling (with a keen interest in bikepacking), reading, identifying plants on a walk, or cooking for friends and family. If she could be anywhere at any given moment, it would probably be bikepacking or sharing a meal with loved ones. Ask Olivia about cycling or what she’s reading!

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