Robert Visscher

Outside of work Robbert enjoys traveling, gardening and sailing!

A headshot of Vantage Point's Board of Director, Robbert Visscher.

Robert Visscher


Robbert has a broad and varied international background, both in education and work experience as well as board experience. After finishing his Masters in Artificial Intelligence he worked for a private research institute in Switzerland on artificial Neural Networks and then moved to IT and communications research for a Telecoms research institute in the Netherlands. During that time he moved into management roles and got his MBA while working. After receiving his MBA he focused on strategic management consulting.

After moving to Canada in 2005 he studied for his CPA-CMA designation and further expanded his experience by focusing on financial and strategic management. From controller for a group of mining companies, he then worked for not-for-profit and charities as Director of Finance/CFO. Currently he is the Interim CEO for the CMHA-Vancouver Fraser Branch. In many of his roles he has had the opportunity to work with the boards of the organizations he worked for.

Robbert’s experience in boards started at University and he has been a member of several boards since then. From Treasurer on a not-for-profit board in the Netherlands, to board member for local community organizations and Treasurer for a not-for-profit in Vancouver, as well as director for clean-tech start-ups, helping them create unique business strategies and go public.

Outside of work Robbert enjoys traveling, gardening and sailing. Although COVID-19 has stopped the traveling for a while, he can now do more work in the yard and has taken up some more sailing courses.

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