Shagun Bhanot YNE - The Vantage Point

Shagun Bhanot

Ask an Expert - Sept 23, 2021 - Panelist

Shagun Bhanot

Youth Network Event
Sept 23, 2021 – Ask an Expert

Shagun Bhanot is Vantage Point’s People Manager. She works one-on-one with our Knowledge Philanthropists (or, skilled volunteers) who contribute to our workshops and other learning opportunities, and is a facilitator herself. Shagun is a licensed Chartered Professional in Human Resources and has a passion for people engagement which is a great asset in her role as someone who manages such a large group of experts in a diverse set of fields. Before her work at Vantage Point, Shagun worked in varied capacities in the academic and not-for-profit sectors including administration, management of specialized projects, facilitation, career services, recruitment, and talent development. She completed her PhD in Language and Literature at one of the top universities in India, Himachal Pradesh University, in 2009. As a self-proclaimed continuous learner, Shagun pursued her certificate in HR management from BCIT and earned her Chartered Professional in Human Resources designation along with attending a range of conferences and courses in the areas of Coaching, Team Dynamics, Project Management, Intercultural Competency, and more. Shagun served as a Board Member for the Immigrant Advisory Council and volunteered as a Coordinator for Neighbourhood Small Grants with Vancouver Foundation. Welcome, Shagun!

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