Yen Vo

Yen Vo

Administrative Coordinator

Yen is Vantage Point’s Administrative Coordinator and has more than 12 years of experience in the for-profit and non-profit sectors.

Before Vantage Point, Yen worked as a Finance Associate for 3 years at a US based non-profit organization before moving on to key account management and business development roles in E-commerce for 6 years. In 2022, Yen decided to immigrate to Canada and pursue an MBA Program in Vancouver.

With a range of experience in different roles and sectors, Yen has developed a wide variety of skills that contribute to her success at Vantage Point which include technology aptitude, customer services, finance, and administration skills.

Outside of work, Yen loves cooking and baking, especially traditional Vietnamese dishes. As an immigrant with Vietnamese origin, she loves to introduce diverse Vietnamese cuisine to the world, not just Pho and Banh mi!

Yen is passionate about making positive changes happen and contributing to the sustainable growth of the world so upcoming generations can thrive.

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