Accessibility Standards


The Vantage Point staff team strives to provide experiences and resources which are available and accessible to every individual interested in using our services. We are constantly updating our knowledge of accessibility tools and techniques in regard to the programs we use, and evaluating opportunities for improvement in both virtual and physical settings. Please keep reading to see our current accessibility standards and resources and reach out if you have any requests or suggestions to make your experience with us even better!

Virtual Accessibility

Live Transcription Through Zoom

Vantage Point uses Zoom’s live transcription feature for virtual labs and workshops. If not enabled automatically, participants can request to have live transcription enabled during the session.

Live transcription is currently not supported in breakout rooms.

For more information on built-in Zoom accessibility features, please visit: zoom.us/accessibility

Accessible PDF Handouts

We strive to make all PDF handouts, including fillable workbooks and slide decks, accessible by ensuring adequate colour contrast, font size, screen reader compatibility, and alt text descriptions are considered for all documents.

All materials are tested for accessibility, though we recognize the limitations in our staff knowledge and equipment and are committed to furthering these efforts.

If there are additional ways we can support your participation or increase accessibility please contact Samantha Kannegieter at skannegieter@thevantagepoint.ca.

Accessibility for In-House Events


Vantage Point Office
1183 Melville Street
Vancouver, BC V6E 2X5

The Vantage Point office is located on the ground floor (access from the street) and is accessible by transit, with bike sharing and parking nearby.

Note: though our office is located on the north-side of Melville St., construction on this same side will require use of the south-side sidewalk if arriving from the direction of Thurlow Street. Further details are found on our contact page: www.thevantagepoint.ca/contact-us


Currently, the main door and single occupancy restroom can not be operated by accessibility buttons. If you have an access request or would like to ask questions and offer feedback about accessibility at Vantage Point, please contact us at info@thevantagepoint.ca or (604) 875-9144.

Scent-Reduced Environment

Help us keep Vantage Point a scent-reduced space by skipping the perfume, scented shampoo and lotion, or other scented products.


The Vantage Point office contains three washrooms as follows:

  • One accessible, all-genders washroom
  • One washroom for self-identified men and transmasculine individuals
  • One multi-stall washroom for self-identified women and transfeminine individuals

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