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Ah, January. The time of year we all decide that this will be the year we get stuff done. This will be the year we set our goals and actually stick with them! But alas, for all the good intentions we may have, for most of us our goals end up by the wayside, forgotten or simply given up on. And why is this? It’s definitely not because we can’t accomplish our goals. No way! We’re doers, achievers. Often, it’s because we bite off the big picture first. We want to grab the bull by the horns and get-it-done, gosh darn it.

But what if instead of a big bite, we took smaller, more thoughtful bites? Instead of looking at the goal at hand, we look at the smaller steps that will help us get to that coveted goal completion. Luckily for you, Vantage Point has all the tools and resources available for your professional development goals to make the smaller steps easier and that ultimate goal something you can happily cross off your to-do list.

Here are ten ways you can move your goals forward with Vantage Point…

1. Set your personal leadership goals for the year. How do you want to elevate your leadership? Like all skills, leadership can always be elevated to the next level and improved on as we move throughout our professional development. Vantage Point offers interactive and enlightening labs and workshops that will elevate your leadership skills and help you achieve your personal leadership goals.

2. Listen to From Our Vantage Point – our podcast. Experts in your pocket? Absolutely! Vantage Point’s monthly podcast is the perfect way to get a dose of knowledge on a myriad of topics ranging from fundraising, board tools, self-awareness and so much more during your morning commute or late-night run.

3. Delve into our blog with topics on leadership, governance and more. Looking for a bit of follow-up to that amazing episode of From Our Vantage Point you just listened to? Vantage Point’s blog offers quick and informative reads from not-for-profit experts on topics such as capacity, knowledge philanthropy, and leadership.

4. Gather a collection of our resources to reference throughout the year. You know what you want to accomplish this year so why not pull together a handy collection of resources to help you along the way. Vantage Point has 57 online resources are easy to use and are accessible right from your own computer. Know the topic you would like to brush up on? A quick search and you’re in the know!

5. Find a workshop to attend. Learn with your peers! Vantage Point offers workshops designed to further your expertise in leadership, board fundamentals, strategic planning, human resources. Join our new and exciting Strategic Career Management workshop to get clarity on your career goals!

6. Discover our training opportunities. We bring the training to you. Did you know that Vantage Point can work with you and your organization to bring crucial training to your office space? That’s right! We have a great selection of on-site and custom workshops available.

7. Explore our consulting services such as strategic planning, board retreats and organizational assessments. Looking for a bit of outside support bringing some new ideas to your organization? We’ve got you covered with our expertise and are thrilled to work with you to get it done!

8. Become a member of Vantage Point. Organizational members receive access to govolunteer.ca to recruit volunteers. You read that right. Become a member of Vantage Point and gain access to govolunteer.ca and start recruiting all those amazing volunteers you’ve been looking for! Want more? You got it. As a member, you also get a discounted rate on our fantastic workshops and room rentals at our downtown location.

9. Become a knowledge philanthropist. Are you an expert in your field? Become a knowledge philanthropist and share your expertise with Vantage Point’s members and participants in an interactive setting. Email Aleks Besan our Engagement Manager to learn more.

10. Sign up for our newsletter to stay posted on our upcoming learning opportunities. Stay in the loop with all the exciting things Vantage Point has to offer by signing up for our newsletter. Vantage Point straight to your inbox. Need we say more?



Nav Nagra

Nav brings her positive energy and a keen eye for detail to her role as Communications & Inclusion Manager. She enjoys putting the awesomeness of Vantage Point on paper and looks forward to humble bragging all about our upcoming projects. Nav completed an Associate of Arts in Creative Writing…

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