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Vantage Point congratulates Niki Sharma on being appointed Parlimentary Secretary of Community Development and Non-Profits and pledges its support for unleashing the potential of charities and not-for-profits in BC’s recovery
November 26, 2020 – Vantage Point’s Executive Director Alison Brewin congratulates Niki Sharma on being appointed Parlimentary Secretary of Community Development and Non-Profits today, and applauded Premier Horgan for his government’s commitment to cultivating a stronger relationship with BC’s charities and not-for-profits.

Not-for-profits and charities have stepped into pandemic response over the past eight months with great resilience and creativity however, as shown in the No Immunity Report published earlier this year, 23% of charities and not-for-profits said they’re at risk of closing their doors because of urgent threats caused by the pandemic— even as demand for their services is rising.

These organizations have been on the frontlines of providing critical services and maintaining resiliency throughout each wave of the virus. But now, with revenue and income shrinking, their very existence is at risk. We need to move quickly in collaboration to ensure these organizations can continue to action their missions and lift our communities while continuing to provide essential services and resources.

With the newly appointed Parlimentary Secretary, there is renewed ability to mobilize the not-for-profit and charitable sector’s 86,000 employees to even greater ability as the sector deals with challenges such as the overdose crisis, climate change, homelessness, and racial justice. Vantage Point looks forward to being able to collaborate with Parlimentary Secretary Sharma in leveraging the sector to continue to do this crucial work that contributes $6.7 billion to BC’s GDP and serves tens of thousands each year.

Vantage Point is excited to collaborate with Parlimentary Secretary Sharma to engage charities and not-for-profits in key elements of the government’s Stronger BC recovery plan: a nimble workforce, expanded community infrastructure, and wraparound supports like childcare, mental health services, and food security initiatives. With this appointment the government is saying it understands the critical contribution this sector makes to the wellbeing of people and communities across the province.


Alison Brewin, Executive Director of Vantage Point

“This is an exciting decision of the government and one that can have deep and positive impact on communities, the economy, and the environment. It is a clear sign that the government seeks to partner with the sector to find solutions and build back better together”

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