Dec 6, 2021 | Blog

BC’s Not-for-Profit Sector – Stronger Together

by Cherie PayneDirector of Government Relations and Sector Development at Vantage Point

Over the last quarter, we have been listening. We all know that organizations in our sector have been stretched thin, but we have also heard that many of you are so busy meeting the needs of your clients it’s been hard to look up and ask for outside support. 

Our commitment is to amplify your issues, concerns, and solutions to government. 

Over the last year and a half, many organizations in the not-for-profit and charitable sector report that they are choosing to opt out of engagement with the government and focus on service delivery and operations in the face of the pandemic, emergency relief, and financial challenges we have all been working through. 

This experience and first-hand knowledge mean that the work of not-for-profits and charities has never been more critical than now. The voices of frontline leaders are key to responding to community needs around the province. Our sector has on-the-ground expertise that positions us to advance innovative policy solutions to government. 

As not-for-profits continue to serve on the frontlines of emergency response in BC, it is vital that our sector continues to engage government on policy issues important to our stakeholders. Without input from not-for-profit organizations, many community voices will be missing from the important conversations to come about pandemic recovery, disaster response, economic prosperity, and other key issues. 

Fortunately, we are not alone in advancing these concerns. 

This month, Martha Rans of Pacific Legal Outreach Society penned an important Op-ed in The Philanthropist Journal about the public interest advocacy role our sector must continue to play: “Members of the non-profit sector are the experts on day-to-day issues, from child- and after-school care to housing and hospice care. We take care of people from the cradle to the grave.” She’s right.

And we have an advocate in the provincial government who has been listening. Read Parliamentary Secretary Niki Sharma’s Year in Review about what she has heard after one year and 300+ meetings with not-for-profit organizations, as well as her updated mandate letter from Premier John Horgan. 

2021 has been a challenging year for all British Columbians. Not-for-profit organizations on the front lines of service delivery understand this in a way that is unparalleled. Vantage Point is looking forward to continuing to work with you to raise issues to the provincial government about the specific challenges you are facing and how our sector can move forward in the months and years ahead. 

As part of the not-for-profit sector community, your expertise and concerns are important in this work. Our members are at the heart of our efforts to create a healthy and resilient not-for-profit sector. Participate in sector-wide discussions and public policy issues that impact your organization and support your board, staff, and volunteers to strengthen the voice of BC’s not-for-profits. 

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