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The not-for-profit sector has been deeply impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. We have heard from hundreds of leaders in the sector and understand the complexity of decision-making you are all having to make. As a response, Vantage Point is embracing our roots by providing a volunteer matching program for the first time in decades. While GoVolunteer.ca continues to be a beneficial tool for members to find volunteers, we want to extend extra, more direct supports for not-for-profit leaders. These supports will help leaders to find skilled experts who can provide practical information and advice. 

We are pleased to announce our COVID-19 Response Program, a new short-term initiative which will match you with skilled volunteers in four areas we know not-for-profit leaders require (see the results of the province-wide survey here).

Currently, the skilled volunteers in COVID-19 Response Program can provide the following support:

Information Navigators – 1:1 virtual guidance with navigating government support for not-for-profit organizations including provincially – and federally announced financial resources. Information Navigators can provide clarification about each resources and guide you to official government content (ex. application portals, news releases, publications) and other credible sources for your organization to consider. Information Navigators cannot provide and legal or professional advice, but they can equip you with the necessary information for your organization to make informed decisions.

Governance Advisor – During these unprecedented times many not-for-profits and their boards are struggling with difficult questions and decisions about the future of their organization. With the prvailing uncertainties, the board must provide steady and adaptive leadership to support their management team. Our Governance Advisors will offer 1:1 virtual dialogue to answer your questions, offer tips, and direct you to useful resources. They will be able to offer ideas to strengthen collaboration between not-for-profit staff members and their boards. They will suggest strategies to equip the board with the information they require to do things like assess risks, formulate a plan, and be innovative in times when established roles and responsibilities have been challenged.

Fundraising Advisor – Many not-for-profits are concerned about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on fundraising. Many are looking for advice from fundraising experts to help weather this crisis. Our Fundraising Advisors will offer 1:1 virtual support to answer your questions and offer resources and ideas to restructure a fundraising calendar, create a new fundraising plan, or suggest ways to conduct major gifts fundraising without face-to-face interaction.

Financial Management Advisor – During COVID-19, not-for-porofits have experienced a complex shift int heir financial management needs. With the prevailing uncertainties, organizations are required to understand how they can reduce financial risk during this time. They must also understand how to position themselves to take on new opportunities to stabilize after the crisis has passed. Our Financial Management coaches will offer 1:1 virtual dialogue to answer your questions, offer resources and ideas on a wide variety of financial management strategies, and will discuss innovative ways to implement those strategies effectively.

Please complete this registration form so we can contact you to further assess which skilled volunteer(s) on the COVID-19 Response Program can be matched to your organization based on your needs. We will reach out should a compatible match exist for your organization.



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