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It’s the New Year and here at the Vantage Point office we are ready take on 2019! I’d like to share some of our top resources that can support you in to have a dazzling and productive year ahead.

1. Annual Goal Setting & Development (downloadable resource)

It’s the time of year that everyone is making shiny new goals. We sure are! In January each Vantage Point team member creates on their goals for the year and comes up with an action plan. Use this resource as a starting point and modify it to suit the needs of your organization! Also consider planning out one or two stretch assignments to support your team’s learning and development.

2. Volunteer Engagement Toolkit (downloadable resource)

Put some of your renewed new year energy towards finding passionate people! And while you’re at it, refine your online recruitment with our handy volunteer descriptions resource.

3. Better use of Board Time (downloadable resource)

Make the most of your time together as a board and learn how to navigate your board meetings efficiently and effectively! This is a great resource to use as a conversation starter with your board – to refine your meeting processes.

4. Reconciliation: Urban Indigenous Engagement (podcast)

This is our most listened to podcast in 2018! Reflect on your reconciliation practices and listen to Kevin Barlow, CEO of Metro Vancouver Aboriginal Executive Council (MVAEC), share his insights on how Indigenous and non-Indigenous groups and individuals can work together.

5. Onboarding Successful Starts for New and Returning Staff (podcast)

Set up your new hires for success with a thorough onboarding process. Listen to this podcast for some fantastic tips from Matt Corker, CEO of Corker Co. We’re referring to this podcast too – because three new team members have joined Vantage Point! Plus check out our handy onboarding checklist to make sure you’ve covered your bases.

Looking for more new year insights? Last year Nav Nagra shared 10 ways to kickstart your year with Vantage Point.

Let us know which resources you find most helpful in the comments below!



Miranda Maslany

Miranda leads Vantage Point’s membership program and coordinates our government relations work. She has always had a passion for environmental issues and completed a Double Major in Environmental Studies and Sociology, with a Minor in Business at the University of Victoria.

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