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Emilie Wapnick gave a TedTalk several years ago called “Why Some of us Don’t Have One True Calling.” It always really resonated with me. She shared that “your unique mix of interests may turn out to be your very own super-power.” As an individual with many interests, I truly hope so!

I grew up with a love for art and design (I have a lot of artists in my family!). But in university I was really drawn to the material in an intro to Environmental Studies course and eventually decided to pursue a double major in Environmental Studies & Sociology, with a minor in Business. In that time, I took on a variety of paid and volunteer roles both on and off campus. Some job highlights were managing Victoria’s Moss Street Community Market, interning at David Suzuki Foundation, and working for UVic’s Community Mapping Initiative. All this experience led to my interest and passion in community-driven change and not-for-profit organizations.

I started at Vantage Point in 2017. Over four years I have had a few different roles. First, I was the Community Engagement Coordinator supporting membership, marketing, and customer service. In mid-2017 I moved into the role of Marketing & Communications Coordinator. I really loved being on the creative side (surprise surprise…) managing our brand, creating written content, and designing documents such as our annual reports. In 2019 I moved into the role of Membership & Government Relations Coordinator, where I now manage our membership community. I really enjoy supporting our members and connecting them to our advocacy initiatives.

Vantage Point is always evolving and growing. No two years have looked alike. I’ve learned an incredible amount working at this organization, both about the not-for-profit sector, as well as myself as a young professional. I have particularly enjoyed the coaching training I’ve done through Vantage Point’s partnership with Essential Impact; and it’s led me to develop a strong interest in coaching.

Outside the “office” (virtual office for 2020!) I spent most of my time in the arts. I love dance, improv, choir, and art. I have become super passionate about illustration and graphic recording over the past five years. I’m usually working on a few illustration commissions, graphic recording gigs, and posting my latest projects on Instagram.

Some of my illustrations have made it into Vantage Point’s marketing, infographics, and videos. I really enjoyed developing a new huddle board for our standing meetings in the office. And there was also the time we filmed a membership video in a storage closet (the one room where we could control the lighting!). Shout-out to team member Rowan who came up with this video idea and can be seen behind the camera in the photo below.

If you want to talk about Vantage Point’s membership and advocacy, or the world of illustration – I’m happy to connect. You can find me at mmaslany@thevantagepoint and on LinkedIn.



Miranda Maslany

Miranda leads Vantage Point’s membership program and coordinates our government relations work. She has always had a passion for environmental issues and completed a Double Major in Environmental Studies and Sociology, with a Minor in Business at the University of Victoria.

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