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Jun 16, 2016 | Blog

Yes, we have gotten a makeover…thanks for noticing!

Checkout the fresh, new Govolunteer.ca.

You spoke, we listened. Over the last two years, we heard from YOU– both prospective volunteers and not-for-profit organizations — and have made your wish list into a reality. With thousands of users and data from over ten years, it has been quite the undertaking. The new Govolunteer.ca is a labour of love and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

Now, we haven’t just freshened up our look…we have added a ton of new features to make your experience connecting with volunteer opportunities and talented members of your community even easier and more interactive.


New easy ways to search
You can now use a calendar and geocoded maps to find volunteer opportunities in your neighbourhood at times that match your availability. Don’t know where to start? We have added a new Directory so you can browse a list of participating not-for-profits. 

Connect with causes you care about 
New cause tags make finding a role that matches your passion even easier. 

Fit volunteering into your busy schedule 
We now have a calendar so you can find roles that fit your schedule. You can also select your “position type” to find event based roles, projects, or ongoing opportunities—whatever time you have to give! 

Not-for-profit Organizations:

Go viral—get noticed
You can now create a profile that links volunteers to your social media and shares your logo. Postings can now be easily shared to your community through Twitter and Facebook. 

Find out how many volunteers are checking you out!
New analytics allow you to find out how prospective volunteers are interacting with your posts

Share your success
We now have a space for you to celebrate the ways you work with volunteers and shout their awesomeness to the rooftops. Write us at info@govolunteer.ca to get your story featured!

Manage your profile and membership online! 
Sign up or log in today to see all the amazing new features at your finger tips. 

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Rebecca Jackson-Harrop

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