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Wow! That was one of my 4-year old grandson’s very first words. And how I loved that he said it with such wonder. One of his favorite “wow” moments was the beautiful sunrise he would see on his way to daycare. (His mother was not necessarily as excited by the 6:30 AM sunrise as he was.) 

I was reminded of him the other day as I drove into the Rocky Mountains from Calgary and the sunset was exactly that. Wow! I marveled at the snow-covered mountains, the expanse of pink and blue sky, the vast horizon. It was spectacular. 

Just the day before I flew to Alberta from California, and there was this huge moon outside the window of the airplane. Wow! I was compelled to poke the 20-something sitting next to me to point out this huge almost-touchable fire-ball sphere. It was beautiful. (His words.) The evening before that outside Santa Barbara, another Wow! That sunset was orange and purple with an expanse of mountain, palm trees and ocean waves that was almost indescribable. As my colleague said, “How’s that for a view?” Three pretty amazing wows in three days (a wow in itself?!).

And that is how we like to think about the people who work with us at Vantage Point. They are all about wow! The knowledge philanthropists who give us their time and talent are all there because they have the “wow factor.” It IS about excellence. It is about always learning and growing and striving. The scarcity mentality of not-for-profits has often been about bums in seats. Anyone will do. In fact we know that is not so, and we maintain a focus on the talent! The people who make us say, “Wow!” They are the people who are at the top of their field. They have abundant knowledge, fiery passion, and gargantuan commitment. I raise my glass to “People of the Wow”! 

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Tina Crouse (not verified) on

Very good post Colleen. I've only met you the one time but have the same impression of your staff. I interact with them a couple of times per year and every time, I go away thinking that they are a great team made up of great people and that speaks well of the organization.

And how nice that they 'hear it from the boss' in such a public way.

Yes, very good post!

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Colleen Kelly (not verified) on


We very much appreciate your comment - and we DO have a pretty awesome team here at VP.



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