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Keeping our workplaces and communities safe…

On the heels of our recent bulletin regarding COVID-19, we want to provide a more in-depth resource guide for BC not-for-profits. For context, we were fortunate to have an online discussion in one of our working groups, “Decent Work in the Sector”, where we talked about the many ways in which this virus affects us in the workplace, specifically in not-for-profits – especially with anxieties looming around reliable funding.

We really appreciated being able to convene and connect over video chat, and just share concerns and strategize together on how to mitigate those concerns. To be honest, it was therapeutic. This is what it’s all about: when collective tension is high, the best thing we can do is be there for each other.

Now back to the resource list! Below you will find lots of reliable information on how to manage health emergencies in a working environment. These are great sources to become familiar with and share among your network.


Workplace Advice for Employers: Considerations & contingency planning

Government of Canada
Find guidance on work arrangement and sick leave recommendations, as well as general workplace hygiene practices.

WHO’s Getting Your Workplace Ready for COVID-19
A brief, concise, and very informative document on how to manage health risks in the workplace. It also includes an ice breaker for group activities!

CPHR BC & Yukon
CPHR BC & Yukon has a great guideline for how to organize a contingency plan.

Board Source: What Nonprofit Board Members Should Be Doing Right Now to Address the COVID-19 Situation
A very thorough, thoughtful blog on what your board can do to mitigate the challenges this virus poses for not-for-profits.

Webinar 101: A webinar
Vantage Point’s Guide to Webinars.

Heritage BC: “A Compendium of Tips and Information for Governance, Management and NFP Operations” 
A true compendium, this resource by Heritage BC is extremely well thought out and has plenty of suggestions for boards and not-for-profit leaders to choose from.

PM-V: Project Management Volunteers
A grassroots, volunteer organization which leads project teams and growing project management awareness and skills. “PMV is ramping up a special drive to offer our services, not only to nonprofits, but also to organizations involved in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis response and consequences.”

Other Good-to-Know Information

BC Centre for Disease Control
General information and FAQs.

WHO’s Myth Busters
Quick info bursts debunking misconceptions about COVID-19.

Vancouver Coastal Health
Risk, prevention, symptoms, and travel, as well as local Vancouver updates.

Canadian Mental Health Association
CMHA has been regularly updating their resources and information on the mental-health aspects of this crisis. This is especially important as we all face similar yet individualized challenges due to recent events.

Heritage BC: “A Compendium of Tips and Information for Self-Care and Workplace Mental Health”
Another great resource from Heritage BC, this time adding to the conversation around mental health and managing self-care while working.

VCH: Need to Know
Information from Vancouver Coastal Health on the status of services, events, updates, and what you can do.

Updates: Employment Insurance Benefits and Other Measures

Prime Minister’s Office: News Release March
The latest outline of Canada’s response as of this bulletin is from March 18, 2020. “No Canadian should have to worry about paying their rent or buying groceries during this difficult time. That is why we are taking the strong action needed to stabilize our economy and help those impacted by the COVID-19 virus. Together, we will get through this difficult time.” – Justin Trudeau.

Imagine Canada
Essential information for keeping your not-for-profit on track during the Coronavirus.

Imagine Canada’s Newsletter
This newsletter breaks down how the federal government intends to support not-for-profits and vulnerable people throughout the crisis. Or, go directly to Canada’s COVID-19 Economic Response Plan.

Resources and Responses from Not-for-Profit Organizations

Not-for-Profit Leaders Daily Online Drop-in
In response to COVID-19, our Executive Director, Alison Brewin, will be hosting a drop-in via an online platform called Zoom. These drop-ins will take place Monday to Thursday from 4:00pm – 4:30pm and may involve different themes, but are mainly a way to stay connected and support each other as not-for-profit leaders in these stressful times. Please register weekly at this link to get access to our follow-up notes, or email abrewin@thevantagepoint.ca for access to the discussion without registering.

Ontario Nonprofit Network
ONN’s latest blog includes other great resources, many for cross-country interest, as well as addressing racism and xenophobia.

BC Alliance for Arts + Culture
BCAAC has compiled their own list of resources for not-for-profits in the arts and culture communities in BC. It’s extensive and thorough, and a great resource for these groups.

Howe Sound Women’s Centre
Squamish and Whistler drop in staff will be providing crisis support, referrals, advocay, etc by phone or video Monday-Thursday from 10am-4pm in Squamish the number is 604-892-5748, in Whistler the number is 604-962-8711.  HSWC’s 24 hour crisis line is always available 1-877-890-5711

Pacific Legal Outreach (PLEO) Supports
As of April 8, 2020, PLEO is offering a weekly lunch & learn to provide legal information on a number of different topics relevant to the current situation.


*Do you have an update for this list? Reach out to Rowan King, Marketing & Communications Coordinator, at rking@thevantagepoint.ca.


Be well,

The Vantage Point Team



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