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May 23, 2023 | Blog

NEWS RELEASE: Safety Net: 2023 State of BC’s Non-Profit Sector

Non-Profits in British Columbia Lifting Communities Up Under Pressure 

VANCOUVER, British Columbia – Vantage Point, together with Vancouver Foundation, Victoria Foundation, Vancity Community Foundation, and United Way BC, is proud to release the 2023 State of BC’s Non-Profit Sector Report. 

Vantage Point and its partners surveyed 757 organizations for this report, and the publication is the third in a series. The first report, No Immunity, was published in May 2020 and detailed the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on BC’s non-profit sector. The second, Unraveling, was published in February 2021 as the pandemic began to become less of a health and economic emergency. 

“Since the first two reports, the BC context has changed. We are now entering an endemic state of the pandemic, a softening of physical distancing, the sunsetting of emergency funding supports, and the creation of an initial sector development fund administered through four funders – the BC Recovery and Resiliency Fund,” said Vantage Point CEO Zahra Esmail. “The time is right to ask how the non-profit sector is currently doing.” 

The report finds that BC’s non-profits continue to be a safety net for communities, providing services and bridging gaps between government and the private sector. But the safety net is under pressure and there are steps that funders, government, and leaders can take to ensure that social impact organizations thrive. 

“The sector is doing more with less in the face of new and growing challenges in 2023, including inflation, record-breaking climate events, and a housing crisis. This State of the Sector report will provide evidence needed by policymakers to determine the areas of opportunity and needs in BC’s non-profit sector today,” said Kevin McCort, CEO of the Vancouver Foundation. 


There are approximately 31,000 non-profit organizations in B.C. They employ 335,000 individuals, representing 12.6% of the provincial workforce. In 2023, leaders from community non-profits reported that social impact organizations are: 

1. Doing more with less 

  • Revenues remain stable, but wages, benefits, and the cost of goods to deliver services are increasing.

2. Facing HR concerns 

  • Non-profit leaders are preparing for changes as senior staff retire, benefits and wages meet the realities of inflation, and early-career entrants seek training to get their start. 

3. Stabilizing, but for how long? 

  • BC non-profits are seeing some stabilization as they emerge from the pandemic, but given the HR challenges and cost pressures – how long can this equilibrium last? 

Calls to Action: 

1. Investments in Capacity Building 

2. Improved Funding Practices 

3. Workforce Development and Labour Force Strategies 


“The non-profit sector is critical for creating a vibrant, caring community for all. The sector provides a wide scope of services and offerings and is also a major employer,” said Sandra Richardson, Victoria Foundation CEO. “The report underlines the significant pressures the sector continues to face, and the increased community need for services as we continue to move through the pandemic and other crises. Now more than ever, we must support these vital organizations.”  

“We encourage the BC government to consult the sector whenever the province undertakes policy development activities for economic programs,” said Michael McKnight, CEO of United Way BC.  

“BC’s non-profit organizations are both service deliverers and job creators,” said Vancity Community Foundation CEO Genesa Greening. “Over the next ten years, community services job openings are projected to be among the top five occupational groups in the province. More work is needed to ensure these are good jobs.” 

The Safety Net: 2023 State of BC’s Non-Profit Sector Report will be used to help BC’s non-profits in their advocacy efforts and to strengthen the sector’s ability to support the communities we serve. The report and a complimentary media kit are available to download from thevantagepoint.ca/sector-reports/


Media Contacts: 

Cherie Payne, Director of Sector Development and Government Relations, Vantage Point 

cpayne@thevantagepoint.ca or 236-521-8476 

Joyce Lin, Sector Development Coordinator, Vantage Point 

jlin@thevantagepoint.ca or 604-630-5826 

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