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Apr 18, 2016 | Blog

Three years ago we published our second book, The Abundant Not-for-Profit, and issued a call to action to the not-for-profit sector: Focus on abundance, not scarcity.

How did we frame abundance at that time? Through the lens of people. The world is full of experienced and talented people who care about community and are willing to donate their time and talent. Engage those people in meaningful ways throughout all levels of your organization and you will increase your capacity to achieve your mission.

We are proud of the book and its role in sharing the message of abundance and knowledge philanthropy with thousands of people. And, since publication and at every step after, we remain curious about our own understanding, and articulation, of what it means to be an abundant not-for-profit. Through our own journey and the thousands of incredibly different organizations we have worked with, we have reached a number of realizations.

First, our definition of abundance and how to achieve it was not as clear as we had thought.  Second, the diversity of the sector is evident at all levels of each organization: whether it’s diversity in focus, structure, or capacity. Each not-for-profit is different and wherever and however your organization’s journey towards abundance begins is the right way. It could be through board engagement, organizational culture, financial sustainability, or knowledge philanthropy.  

So, welcome to our Year of Abundance – a year where we will share our learning and provide practical tools and resources that can support you as you explore abundance for yourselves.

First things first: What is our refreshed theory of abundance?

We believe that abundance is a culture of confidence and possibility, infused with a belief that openness to new ideas and diverse resources will enable organizations to achieve transformational change.

Abundant not-for-profits have a fundamental belief in endless potential; they are confident that anything is possible with what is at hand, whether ideas, talent, money, or other resources.

Our goal over the coming 12 months is to translate our theory of abundance into a practical roadmap for change. Each quarter Vantage Point will support your journey towards abundance by:

This quarter the focus is on Framing Abundance. You can look forward to high-level conversations rooted in a focus on mission, vision, and culture, and practical tools to support understanding and leading an abundant organizational culture.

I invite you join us in the journey by completing the self-assessments, trying and applying the tools, and joining the conversation about the learnings, roadblocks, and successes you experience along the way. 

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Denise Baker

Denise Baker was the Executive Director of Vantage Point and is passionate about change management and growth, cultivating collaborative environments and developing leadership in others. She has held leadership positions in many industries, including Director of Worldwide Education at Business Objects and Assistant Dean at the Sauder School of Business. Denise has an Honours English Degree and a Master of Library and Information Science from UBC.

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