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Feb 8, 2021 | Blog

Unraveling: Non-Profits, Covid-19, & the Fabric of BC Communities

By Omar Dominguez

With the newest evidence on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on BC’s not-for-profit sector, we are reminded of just how critical and delicate the vast web of relationships are that make possible the wellbeing of our communities. Our sector and the people we serve continue to tread water in this deepening crisis. Even with vaccines on the way to immunize much of our population, the challenges we are facing do not currently have an end in sight. The restrictions put in place to slow down the spread of the pandemic will continue to challenge the strength of individuals, the institutions that support them, and the economy in which they co-exist. How should we respond?

Adapting and supporting the sector to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic

At Vantage Point, we know that healthy and sustained not-for-profits are the cornerstone to community resilience and wellbeing. Since the onset of the pandemic, we have transformed every aspect of our organization to meet the evolving needs of not-for-profit leaders across the province. Just like our peers in the sector, our team has also been stretched to the edge of its capacity. But we have remained true to our values and committed to our mission to convene, connect and equip not-for-profit leaders in BC.

The new UNRAVELING Report reminds us that “the future health and vitality of our province depends on the not-for-profit sector being able to continue balancing the space between governments and the private sector to address unmet community needs and interests. This ongoing crisis will impact the not-for-profit sector–especially smaller organizations, arts and culture organizations, sport and recreation organizations, and organizations serving racialized people– significantly over the long term if thoughtful support isn’t provided.”

Our team at Vantage Point will continue to support and advocate on behalf of not-for-profit leaders, particularly those at the helm of smaller organizations. These leaders, their teams, and volunteers are a critical fabric that hold the strength of our communities together. The prospect of loosing one half of this vital community infrastructure, if our current crisis is prolonged, calls for urgent and decisive action by all sectors of our society, and specially by our government representatives. Up until now, all levels of government still need to demonstrate that they understand, and value, the vital role of the not-for-profit sector helping our communities recover from one of the worst global emergencies we have faced in recent memory.  The not-for-profit sector has always been committed to the pursuit of a more robust, collaborative, and equitable society. But we can’t do this alone! We call on everyone to partner with us to leverage our expertise and resources to help our communities recover from the overlapping crisis facing our communities.

Join us at BOSS

In the face of these challenges, Vantage Point’s upcoming BOSS (Building Organizational And Sector Sustainability) conference has been designed as an opportunity to leverage our sector’s expertise and resilience as a pathway to a stronger future for our province. Through online engagement, BOSS will catalyze the potential for extensive public participation and collaboration to strengthen BC’s not-for-profit sector. Together we will identify solutions, develop capacity, share resources, and reimagine the conditions which will lead to transformational change in the communities we serve.

For a detailed data summary, find an interactive review of Unraveling on Tableau.

2020 Data

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