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A Word from Alison

Vantage Point is thrilled to let our community know we are joining forces with the long-time Kamloops not-for-profit friend and consultant, JP Baker.  JP has been actively supporting the not-for-profit ecosystem in the Kamloops area for more than fifteen years as a planner, facilitator, and writer. He will be joining us as Vantage Point’s Planning Consultant.

It is hard to describe just what this will mean for the community of not-for-profits we will serve. JP will be able to provide wisdom and support to our Knowledge Philanthropists, ongoing supports to his community in Kamloops, and he will work closely with our Delivery team in meeting the needs of not-for-profits across BC. His innovative work, like ChangeLink and other community-building initiatives, will provide valuable insights into our sector development and provincial outreach work – which means more support for the not-for-profit sector’s place in building back better.

Welcome, JP!

A Word from JP

If you had asked me at the end of 2019 what 2020 would hold, there’s no way I could have told you we would be experiencing a global pandemic that would radically change how people work, communicate, and organize themselves. Nor could I have told you that I would be announcing the end of 16 years of self-employment because I had accepted a position as Planning Consultant with Vantage Point.

But that is exactly what has happened. And considering the professional goals I set at the end of 2019, as well as the wonderful connections I have developed with the people on the Vantage Point team, it feels like a perfectly natural progression.

About a year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting Mark Friesen – former Vantage Point Director of Capacity – at an ArtsBC conference. Mark and I had some great discussions about all things not-for-profit, and he linked me to Vantage Point resources and introduced me to other folks on staff. I started connecting some of those people with my collaborators here in Kamloops. And when the pandemic officially arrived, I turned to Vantage Point’s convening activities for belonging, connection, and ideas.

I began to realize that increasing my collaboration with Vantage Point made so much sense. Our values matched perfectly. And working together would help me reach those big but simple professional goals I set for myself: 1) increase my geographical reach and serve more people, organizations, and communities in our province; 2) enhance my service to not-for-profit organizations through greater learning and collaboration; and 3) find new ways to help the not-for-profit sector overall.

But it is not just about my professional goals. Over the past three years, I have been looking for a sense of team. I’ve yearned to say ‘we’ and ‘our’. So, to those amazing people throughout our region who I collaborate with regularly (my nebulous “team”), I assure you this move will enhance our collective impact even more.

To my clients and all the organizations throughout the BC interior which have engaged in ChangeLink: my approach has not changed, and ChangeLink will only grow. Because I’ve found others who believe as strongly as I do in collaboration, my support for your organizations and our region will be stronger.

And to my new colleagues at Vantage Point: thank you so much for this opportunity. I am extremely excited to learn from and with you. I will support you. I will work hard with you to help organizations and the not-for-profit sector in BC. And with a spirit of abundance, I believe together we can make good things happen.


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