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Jan 28, 2013 | Blog

Often people come to Vantage Point and say they would like to volunteer with us. Can you remember a time when someone said that to you? I’ll bet it has happened! Many people in the community are passionate about your cause, and they will often approach your organization to explore how they can contribute. And if your organization has an event, or if you have an ongoing task they could do, you might be able to slot them in.

What if you could begin to match their specific skills and interests to a meaningful (new) role in your organization? We have developed a step-by-step process you can put in place to successfully engage these people who are passionate about your cause and want to contribute.The first step (of eight) is to find out what the potential volunteer really likes to do. What skills are they eager to contribute to your cause? By matching that skill, that passion, to the passion and direction of your organization, you can ensure the volunteer engagement is meaningful. Then it is a win for the volunteer and a win for your organization.

We’ve included a section about this kind of reactive engagement in our upcoming book, The Abundant Not-for-Profit.  To receive a copy of the eight step process, email info@thevantagepoint.ca with Reactive Engagement Process in the subject line. You’ll also be added to our book interest list, and receive exclusive content and discounts.

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