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Jan 2, 2013 | Blog

I’m lucky to work in an abundant not-for-profit.

You might think bringing talented volunteers into your organization would make salaried employees feel less valued. My experience has been the exact opposite.

 In an abundant not-for-profit, my ability to engage and lead highly skilled people is highly valued and necessary for our organization to be successful. Utilizing my skills to meaningfully engage all of this amazing talent is a win-win for me and the knowledge philanthropists I work with. Not to mention the inspiration, excitement and challenge (the good kind!) they inject into my daily work.

Here’s an excerpt from our upcoming book The Abundant Not-for-Profit that explains this idea in more detail:

In an abundant not-for-profit, salaried employees have an increased ability to successfully deliver the mission of the organization, often at a level of high impact. They also learn, grow and develop because of their ongoing contact with specifically skilled people.

In addition, salaried employees deliver bigger and better projects because they can build larger teams of people with higher skill levels than their budget would normally allow. Their role changes from a focus on task execution to a focus on leading others. Salaried employees win because they have the opportunity to surround themselves with highly competent people and in turn their performance, growth and development accelerate.

Another win for salaried employees is an opportunity to move from a reactive to a proactive framework. The role of a salaried employee in a people lens culture includes ongoing, strategic and proactive planning to engage all the skills of all the people required to complete the job.

Thus, salaried employees have a unique opportunity to completely take charge of the way they do their job. They have the ability to engage many other people, who are very skilled, and to examine the ways they really make a difference in their organization. The opportunity to be proactive provides salaried employees with a sense of being in charge of their own lives and the way they do their work. They learn what is important for them to learn, and have a significant role in delivering the mission of the abundant not-for-profit.


More than a decade in the making, The Abundant Not-for-Profit will allow you to exponentially increase your impact while building long term organizational sustainability. Sign up today to receive exclusive content, special discounts – and be the first to know when the book is released.

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