Content Credit Rules

For people and organizations sharing our content and resources in a business or educational setting.

How does copyright work?

According to the Government of Canada, copyright is the protection applied to any original work made by an individual or organization in Canada or another treaty country. This protection is automatically enacted when the work is created and usually ties a work to the creator unless otherwise specified. Using another person or group’s original content without citing their authority is considered a breach of copyright under Canadian regulations in most cases. Vantage Point adapts and creates materials for the benefit of not-for-profit leaders, most of which is our own material and therefore copyrighted to us. However, we hope you will share our content and simply ask for acknowledgement.

Crediting Rules

Sharing our content? Great! We are happy you find our resources useful, and we appreciate your interest in making them accessible for others. To share our work with permission, please follow the steps outlined below.

Steps to share Vantage Point content

  • Download the content you wish to use. (To download, right click on desired image and select “Save Image As…”)
  • Wherever our content appears in your work, also attach one of the following Vantage Point brand images (we suggest along a footer for a visual presentation, or directly under the resource for a web page).
  • That’s it!

Images available for your use:

Please note: If you have any further questions or trouble downloading the above images, email us at info@thevantagepoint.ca and we will be happy to assist you.

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