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Board Diversity and Inclusion: Introduction to Key Concepts

Board Diversity and Inclusion: Introduction to Key Concepts

Build strong diversity practices for your board.

Board Diversity and Inclusion: Introduction to Key Concepts equips board members with foundational tools to begin creating a board culture that values and actively supports a spectrum of voices and lived experiences in organizational governance. 

In this workshop, you will learn key concepts and initial strategies for fostering a diverse and inclusive board. 

Topics Covered:

  1. 1. Benefits of creating a diverse and inclusive board
  2. 2. Key concepts: diversity, inclusion, and privilege
  3. 3. First/next steps in creating an inclusive culture
  4. 4. Developing and integrating diversity/inclusion into board/organizational policies

Suggested Participants:

Non-profit board members, Executive Directors, and other senior staff who want to increase diversity and inclusion in their board but are not sure where to start. 

Learning Outcomes:

  1. 1. Define key concepts relating to diversity and inclusion
  2. 2. Assess your current board diversity and inclusion practices.  
  3. 3. Describe key components of creating an inclusive board culture
  4. 4. Describe strategies for recruiting a diverse board

Program Benefits:

This three-hour workshop equips participants with:

  1. 1. Foundational understanding of key concepts relevant to diversity and inclusion practices in non-profit boards 
  2. 2. Processes to encourage diversity and inclusivity through recruitment, open meetings, planning, and engagement 
  3. 3. Self-awareness and knowledge about diversity, inclusion and the impact of privilege on non-profit governance and leadership

Meet Our Facilitators:

Julija Jeremic

Julija Jeremic

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Curriculum Developer at Vantage Point

Julija brings over 20 years of experience in facilitation, leadership, and research in the non-profit sector and academia. Julija worked with marginalized communities in Serbia and Southeast Europe, within European Union, and Canada on strengthening and building their individual and organizational capacities and skills. 

Tamana Aurom

Tamana Aurom

Education Program Lead at Vantage Point

Tamana brings a curious, playful, and intuitive lens to life and to her work. Along with a background in politics and philosophy, Tamana has 15 years of non-profit experience which includes working as a hate crime caseworker in Bristol and a program manager for unemployed adults in Sydney.

Grab your seat!

Join us if you’re a non-profit board members or Executive Director who want to increase diversity and inclusion in their board.


Jun 20 2023


5:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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