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Board Fundamentals: Financial Governance

July 29 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

$99 – $119

Embrace your financial responsibility

The role boards and employees play in not-for-profit financial management is not always fully understood or appreciated.

This half-day session will introduce you to a wide variety of financial management strategies and discuss ways to implement financial management tools effectively.

You will walk away with a practical perspective as to what board should do and understand the different roles the board and the executive director (or employees) have with respect to proper financial management.

    Suggested Participants:

    Board members, executive directors/CEOs or senior leaders (i.e. Directors, Managers, etc.) of not-for-profit organizations who want to gain fundamental financial governance skills.

    Program Benefits:

    • EIdentified strategies to implement current financial management best practices for your organization
    • EIncreased clarity on the roles of board members vs. the roles of paid staff as they relate to financial management
    • EImplement meetings tools that support complicated and complex conversations at the board table

    Learning Outcomes:

    By the end of this session you be able to:

    • EDescribe the importance of good financial governance in the not-for-profit sector
    • EIdentify the financial governance responsibilities of the board
    • ERead key financial statements
    • EDescribe the difference between charities and not-for-profit organizations and the most common areas of non-compliance

    Topics Covered:

    • EThe Benefits of Good Financial Management
    • EUnderstanding key information contained in the financial statements
    • ERobust Financial Performance Management and Reporting System
    • EA Responsible and Accountable Internal Environment
    • EImportant Canada Revenue Agency Rules and Regulations You Need To Know
    Gordon Holley headshot


    Gordon Holley

    Gordon Holley is the President and CEO of Humanity Financial Management Inc. As a CPA, CA for almost 25 years now, Gordon loves helping individuals and organizations that are trying to make the world a better place.

    In his role at Humanity Financial, Gordon sees the stress and anxiety produced by finances and financial reporting for many not-for-profit-organizations (NFPOs), charity board members, and senior staff. He excels at providing financial oversight to small to mid-size NFPOs and charities to help them better manage their internal finances and financial budgeting and reporting. Ultimately, his company hopes to instil confidence and credibility in organizations by streamlining their internal financial management so that they can focus their energies on their programs.

    Gordon has chosen to work in the NFP sector because he believes that it has not only the biggest opportunities for improvement, but includes the added bonus of being filled with the people he enjoys working with the most. He says, “Life is too short not to feel like you are making a meaningful contribution and working with people that you really enjoy.” He is happy to leverage his company’s financial expertise to make a meaningful contribution to people and organizations that are trying to make the world a better place and finds inspiration from the individuals who work tirelessly for their causes. “Many people think that working with numbers is dry and boring,” he says, “but I ultimately work with people – and I love it when I can make their lives easier and less stressful. Working with numbers allows me to do that and I love it.”


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