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Board Fundamentals: Succession & Recruitment

Board Fundamentals: Succession & Recruitment

Wednesday, March 8 @ 1:00pm

Proactively recruit, engage and develop the “right” board members

To maintain a committed team of qualified directors is one of the board’s biggest challenges.

In this half-day workshop, you will learn to move beyond recruiting the average applicant by creating a strategic framework to identify, recruit, engage, and develop the talents of board members.

Learning Outcomes:

Come away from this workshop with the ability to:

1. Identify board member competencies and attributes required for an organization to succeed

2. Recognize the importance of diversity in building an effective board

3. Develop processes to recruit, onboard, and develop board members

Suggested Participants:

This workshop is ideal for board chairs, board members, and Executive Directors.

Workshop Benefits:

1. Recruit new board members who share your values and mission

2. Bring in new skills and perspectives by broadening the pool of candidates

3. Ensure continuity of leadership with succession and contingency plans

4. Empower board members to meaningfully contribute with strong on-boarding processes

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Jennifer Barr

Jennifer is an independent project manager serving the health and human service sectors in BC’s lower mainland and beyond. She has expertise in change management, community development, knowledge exchange and policy analysis, and is an experienced coalition and community builder leading consultations and facilitating groups, organizations and communities to reach consensus, make strategic decisions and ensure effective action.

Jennifer’s most recent experiences have been leading complex physician engagement initiatives in hospitals across B.C.’s lower mainland, supporting individual physician projects and facilitating strategic planning and consensus building retreats. Recently, she co-wrote a COVID-19 informed best practice document for repurposing a non-profit facility as temporary accommodation for essential workers.


Mar 08 2023


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm




Online Learning

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