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Effective Board Meeting Facilitation

Lead engaging discussions on the topics that matter

Make the most of your time together.
Love them or hate them, meetings are a fact of life at any organization. In this half-day workshop, you will learn practical tools and techniques for setting agendas, fostering participation, building consensus and keeping your meetings on track.
Benefits of leading effective meetings include:
• Increased engagement and collaboration
• Improved decision-making and accountability
• A shared sense of purpose

Suggested Participants:

This workshop is ideal for all not-for-profit leaders. The content of this workshop is targeted toward Board Members and often refers and uses examples of Board Meetings, but the concepts can be applied to any meeting.

Workshop Benefits:

Come away from this workshop with the ability to:
• Identify the steps to building consensus and commitment to action in challenging meeting conversations
• Adopt specific meeting facilitation tools to support all participants to contribute to meeting outcomes
• Describe strategies to lead groups through challenging meeting conversations
• Apply tools such as board calendars, annotated agendas, and consent agendas to make time for important discussions.

Topics Covered:

• Role of the Meeting Chair
• How to set the agenda
• How to foster participation and engagement
• How to build consensus
• How to keep the meeting on track

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Mar 29 2022


5:30 pm - 8:30 pm



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