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Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

What makes a high-performing team?

High-performing teams have a few things in common: they share a common goal, they have relationships based on trust, they engage in debate around ideas, they commit to decisions and hold each other accountable (Patrick Lencioni).

Learning Outcomes:

In this half-day workshop, you’ll learn strategies and identify specific behaviours to:

  • Build trust among team members.
  • Uncover perspectives and new ideas.
  • Make the best decisions for your organization.
  • Work together to achieve your goals.

Suggested Participants:

This workshop is ideal for anyone who wants to help their team collaborate more effectively.

Workshop Benefits:

  • Identify behaviours of functional and dysfunctional teams.
  • List strategies to build trust.
  • Describe techniques to engage in productive team conflict.
  • Identify strategies to enhance commitment and accountability.
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Jérôme Ambrozy

Jérôme, a bilingual French-English Development Manager from Belgium, now lives in Vancouver. He is driven by his will to help impactful organizations thrive for the benefit of our planet and communities.

Jérôme has spent the last 10 years working in a mix of startups, nonprofits, private and public sectors, managing and growing project portfolios and teams, developing communication, and building strong relationships with diverse impactful partners and stakeholders.

In his earlier career, he worked in the film industry as an Assistant Producer on engaging documentaries and short movies and then as a Customer Success Team Manager, where he improved his coaching, team management, training, sales, and customer management skills.

For the past six years, Jérôme has been working in the impact sector, managing key programs and helping growing projects in circular economy, local foods, urban farms, green buildings, and more recently as a Program Manager in environmental compliance and legislation for the city of Brussels.

One of his proudest achievements was to grow the visibility and profile of Europe’s largest urban farm founded by BIGH (Building Integrated GreenHouses).


Nov 30 2023


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm



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