Episode 67:

How Government Supports Our Sector

In a special edition podcast, Director of Government Relations and Sector Development Cherie Payne guest hosts a conversation with Parliamentary Secretary of Community Development and Non-Profits, Niki Sharma. Niki was appointed her role as a first for BC’s provincial government in 2020 and has lots to say about her work bridging the connection between not-for-profits and government.

Together, Cherie and Niki cover an array of topics, from emerging gender inequality trends and insights in the work force since the start of Covid-19, childcare funding allocation and unique community needs, and how decisions around funding the not-for-profit sector are made in government at all levels.

We hope you enjoy!

Time Stamps:

(00:10) | Intro
(01:06) | Interview Start
(01:48) | Re-cap of the year and next term priorities
(04:55) | Representing Vancouver-Hastings
(06:17) | How government is addressing gender inequality
(08:10) | Childcare, funding allocations, and regional disparities
(12:07) | Ad: Humanity Financial
(13:13) | Not-for-profits in the provincial budget
(16:04) | Not-for-profits as employers
(18:22) | Provincial and local government partnerships
(20:50) | Affordable housing plans
(23:25) | Closing statements
(24:01) | Outro

Niki Sharma was elected MLA for Vancouver – Hastings in 2020 and is the Deputy Caucus Chair and Parliamentary Secretary for Community Development and Non-Profits. She is also a member of the Treasury Board and the Select Standing Committee on Public Accounts. 

Niki is a lawyer whose practice focused on representing Indigenous people, including residential school survivors. Niki has worked across B.C. as an advocate on climate policy and reconciliation. She has also been recognized for her work on combatting racism.  

Niki was elected to the Board of Vancity Credit Union, where she served as Vice-Chair and chaired the Climate Justice Working Group. She also served as Chair of the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. In these roles, she worked to improve her community and make life better for people and our planet. 

In 2017, Niki worked as a Senior Ministerial Assistant helping to deliver more childcare spaces for B.C. families.  

Niki was raised in Sparwood B.C. A mother of two, she has lived in East Vancouver for over 15 years and has deep connections in the community.  

Source: https://bcndpcaucus.ca/mla/niki-sharma/

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