Episode 70:

2021 Wrap Up!

Celebrate the end of 2021 with us, Vantage Point staff members, as Rowan interviews fellow colleagues Cherie Payne, Maria Turnbull, and Shagun Bhanot. After what was a turbulent year for many of us in BC and the not-for-profit sector, we thought it would be nice to come together, enjoy each other’s conversation, and celebrate the challenges we surpassed in 2021 as well as look ahead to the future. We also had a great discussion on where Vantage Point is at and what our most recent changes might mean for you, our community members. 

We hope you enjoy our farewell to 2021 and we’re looking forward to the work to come in the new year. 

To find out more about the staff behind the scenes at Vantage Point, go to www.thevantagepoint.ca/about/our-people/ 

Episode moments: 

00:00 | Intro 

01:06 | Guest intros 

01:52 | A Vantage Point memory from 2021 

03:45 | A sector memory from 2021 

06:15 | Looking ahead with Vantage Point’s new leadership 

10:26 | Reflections on the AGM 

16:28 | ——– Ad ——— 

17:19 | Reflecting on a year of change in the sector 

22:20 | What keeps us motivated 

27:50 | 2021 inspirations for 2022 

30:33 | Online shopping or online meetings? 

33:44 | Thank you’s and farewells

Cherie Payne

Cherie Payne

Director of Government Relations and Sector Development

Maria Turnbull

Maria Turnbull

Associate Executive Director

Shagun Bhanot

Shagun Bhanot

People Manager

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