Feb 24, 2022 | Podcast

Episode 72: How to Attract
and Retain Volunteers

Leah Coss of Build a Biz Kids joins the podcast this month to talk about the benefits of engaging skilled volunteers. Rowan and Leah discuss what it can look like to take the leap and re-envision volunteerism in your organization, and how organizational leaders can get creative with volunteer engagement. 


Time stamps: 

00:00 | Intro
02:10 | A for-profit lens
06:37 | Volunteerism at Build a Biz Kids
19:12 | Why volunteer?
24:52 | Ad
25:33 | Volunteer recognition
29:45 | A closer look at group interviews
37:08 | Re-evaluating your volunteer program
41:50 | Outro

Leah Coss has owned numerous businesses in manufacturing & finance as well as being a Franchise Development Consultant for over 9 years in assorted industries. She is a published author & speaker on automation, eliminating skill obsolescence & reducing turnover in the workplace, skills labour gap. She is also an advocate for education and the Co-Founder & CEO of The Fuel Academy.

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