Skilled Volunteer Engagement Analysis

Resource Provided By Vantage Point

Traditional envelope-stuffing, database entry-type volunteers are harder and harder to find. Younger generations of volunteers are more interested in the payback of their volunteer roles than simply the altruistic philosophy of volunteering. Vantage Point, determined to study the changing paradigm of volunteerism, sought examples of not-for-profit organizations engaging specifically skilled volunteers to better understand how this method of volunteer engagement can be successful. The results were clear: when organizations engage specifically skilled volunteers, the outcome can be phenomenal.

This report shares the key learnings below, in the hopes that other organizations looking at the benefits of specifically skilled volunteering can also learn from this study.

1. Clearly define the roles for all participants;

2. Ensure the project is a priority for all participants, including the organization;

3. Gain buy-in from the entire organization, preferably starting from the top down;

4. Emphasize the competitive advantage of accessing more than their own skill set; and

5. Emphasize the business-related learning possible from volunteering.

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