The Abundant Not-for-Profit

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Vantage Point published The Abundant Not-for-Profit in 2013. Co-authors Colleen Kelly, our Executive Director at the time, and Lynda Gerty, former Engagement Manager, provide key insights to the abundant mindset Vantage Point has found integral to prospering as a not-for-profit organization. We believe abundance is a culture of confidence and possibility, infused with a belief that openness to new ideas and diverse resources will enable organizations to achieve transformational change. Abundant not-for-profits challenge the scarcity mindset and have a fundamental belief in endless potential; they are confident that anything is possible with what is at hand, whether ideas, talent, money, or other resources.

Disclaimer: We would like to acknowledge the colonial language used in some parts of the text, as well as some gender exclusionary language. We value appropriate and due recognition of the peoples upon whose land we are settlers. Additionally, we are a space inclusive to all genders and recognize the importance of using gender-inclusive language through the use of singular “they/them” pronouns. Lastly, we are mindful the concept of “abundance” may be a privilege which is not accessible to all.  It is important to recognize if we have the privilege to enhance the capacity of our work through the concept of abundance-thinking, it is up to us to use this learning to uplift others.

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