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Standard Workshops

Choose from Vantage Point’s standard workshops: board governance, leadership, capacity building, or people engagement workshops to be delivered in your virtual or in-person workspace… when you need it.

Our relevant and collaborative Standard Workshops are engaging and cost-effective.

    Customized Training

    Tailor your learning to the realities and desired outcomes of your organization. Whether developing talent, culture, plans or the leadership strategy that delivers on your mission, Vantage Point can meet you where you are and help take you where you want to go.

    Vantage Point’s Custom Training allows you to develop the competencies and organizational culture needed to meet your specific challenges.


    Vantage Point’s suite of consulting and coaching services is flexible and designed to support the unique experiences of your organization, lifecycles phase and team.

    Strategic and Operational Planning

    Vantage Point’s Strategic Planning places your organization in the driver seat and works with your team to create a plan that sets priorities and aligns your team and other stakeholders toward common goals.

    Board and Staff Retreats

    Vantage Point’s half to full-day board retreat can offer a much needed opportunity for your board to develop as a team and re-engage with the vision and mission of the organization.

    Vantage Point’s full-day Staff Retreat (Team Building and Business Planning) offers a much needed opportunity for your staff to develop as a team, re-engage with your organizational values and build an operational plan that drives your organization’s success.

    Organizational Assessments

    Bring your organizational performance to the next level. Our Organizational Assessment and Capacity Improvement Planning will determine areas and activities that offer your team the greatest impact.

    Executive Performance Management

    Your board’s role includes regular support and assessment of the Executive Director’s performance. Vantage Point provides customized services to support your board to develop an Executive Director performance management plan.

    Executive Director Recruitment

    Vantage Point’s Executive Recruitment and Transition consulting provides basic, intermediate and comprehensive services to boards of directors who are engaged in an Executive Director recruitment process.

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