Executive Director Recruitment

Offering support throughout the hiring process.

Vantage Point’s Executive Recruitment and Transition consulting provides basic, intermediate and comprehensive services to boards of directors who are engaged in an Executive Director recruitment process.

Support includes telephone and in-person consultations on process and approach with board members, as well as tested templates and resources to support the Executive Director recruitment, selection, and on-boarding process.

Vantage Point will support your organization’s leadership transition, ensuring you have the strategy, tools, and support that will result in the successful recruitment of a new Executive Director. Our experienced facilitators offer a range of tools and decades of experience to lead your board in a comprehensive executive recruitment and transition process.

Choose from the options below to fit your recruitment requirements.

Executive Director Recruitment & Transition Options

BASIC – Planning & Recruitment

  • EReview key priorities for your organization and new executive director, create recommendations, and create executive director role description
  • EDeliver an in-person workshop on executive director recruitment best practices and facilitate conversation on your recruitment process direction
  • EProvide executive director role description templates, review draft role description from your organization, and provides up to 1 hour of consultant time for additional advice and support
  • EWalk away with a current executive director job description for posting that guides recruitment.

COMPREHENSIVE – Intermediate + Offer & Transition

  • EProvide executive director reference check guide, sample offer letter, and recommendations to support your leadership transition, including onboarding process, checklists, and stakeholder communications
  • EUp to 2 hours of Vantage Point consultant time for additional advice and support
  • EWalk away with a reference check plan, sample offer letter, on-boarding plan and checklist

INTERMEDIATE – Basic + Candidate Assessment

  • EAdvice and tools on striking a Search Task Force, sample Terms of Reference, work plan, sourcing candidates, and interviewing guide
  • EProvide template for Executive Director Search Task Force Terms of Reference, and work plan
  • ERecommendations on relevant job posting sites, templates to support applicant short-listing, interview guide templates, and up to 1 hour of consultant time for additional advice and support
  • EWalk away with an Executive Director Search Task Force Terms of Reference, recruitment work plan, interview guide templates, job posting advice.

Great Leadership Starts at the Top.

For more information on availability and pricing contact:

Olivia Gordon
Client & Program Delivery Coordinator
(604) 637-8297

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