Executive Performance Management

Support your Executive Director’s performance

Assess and support the performance of your Executive Director to set them up for success. Vantage Point provides customized services to support your board to develop an Executive Director performance plan.

Come away with key benefits for your Executive Director’s performance including:

  • EEnhance Executive Director engagement through effective feedback processes
  • EMeet the board’s key responsibility to support and develop the Executive Director
  • EEngage with key stakeholders, including staff, board, funders, and other partners or collaborators

Discovery and Planning

  • EConsultation meetings on the board’s current role in supporting and managing the Executive Director’s performance
  • ERecommendations on steps to introduce or enhance an Executive Director Performance Management system and/or Executive Director Annual Performance Review

Execution of the Executive Director Annual Review

  • EStakeholder survey and interview guide customization and/or administration of the annual review process
  • EInterviews with key stakeholders
  • ESummary analysis of stakeholder feedback and written report
  • EPresentation to board on key findings and results
  • EProject management to ensure the review process is carried out efficiently and appropriately

Beyond the Annual Review

  • EReview of Executive Director job description
  • ECompensation review and recommendations, including incentive/bonus compensation
  • EExecutive Director Goal Setting tools and customization
  • EPerformance Management Workplan to ensure interim review of Executive Director goals and ongoing Board-Executive Director feedback
  • EGuide development of a committee to ensure annual review process is sustained each year
  • ECoaching support to Board Chair through Executive Director performance challenges or other performance management processes

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