Sector Development and
Advocacy Focus

Strengthen BC’s nonprofit sector through engaging with our membership, government relations, learning opportunities, and special projects.

The Pillars of our Sector Development Work

Membership Community

  • Town Halls to connect and collaborate on key issues.
  • Membership Newsletters with key updates on our advocacy work and news in the sector.
  • Peer Networks
    • Sector Narrative
    • JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion)
    • Reimagining Governance

Government Relations

  • Convening of Members & Partners on the BC Budget.
  • Vantage Point submits an annual submission for the BC Budget Consultation.
  • Advocacy to reduce the burden of the Lobbyist Transparency Act on not-for-profits.
  • Home for not-for-profits in Government

Convening & Learning

  • Annual BOSS Conference (Building Organizational & Sector Sustainability)
  • Government Relations Workshops & Labs
  • ED Unplugged – a place for EDs to connect and support each other.

Our Sector Development Team

Every Vantage Point staff member, collaborator, and Knowledge Philanthropist contributes to our Sector Development work. Each person plays a key role, from strategy and planning, to consulting and delivery, to communications, in advocating for progressive change in the sector. Below is a comprehensive list of our contributors on the staff team:


  • Our Communications team supports our government & media relations and membership communications.
  • Our Operations team supports convening activities and special projects.
  • Our Consulting team supports convening activities.
  • Our Knowledge Philanthropists facilitate our government relations and advocacy-based learning opportunities.
  • The entire team supports and organizes the BOSS conference (Building Organizational & Sector Sustainability).

Core Team

Director of Sector Development & Government Relations:
Cherie Payne | cpayne@thevantagepoint.ca

Sector Development Coordinator: Jenessa Ellis | jellis@thevantagepoint.ca

Sector Development Coordinator: Joyce Lin | jlin@thevantagepoint.ca

Planning Consultant: JP Baker | jpbaker@thevantagepoint.ca

Collaborative Research

Vantage Point decides where to turn its focus based on where we identify gaps in the sector and who has the resources to support the work. We have collaborated with partners, such as the No Immunity Report of 2020 and the Unraveling Report of 2021. We also dedicate time to sector monitoring by watching current sector issues, government decisions, and emerging sector data – and then report back to our membership community with important information and current events.

Our Members, Partners, and Collaborators

As organizational leaders who know the sector and the communities they serve first-hand, our members are at the heart of our Sector Development work. We actively engage with our members through town halls, peer networks, and one-on-one conversations.  We also meet regularly with our a group dedicated to providing our staff team with guidance on our Sector Development work. And we regularly collaborate with many not-for-profit partners across the province and the country to ensure we have a pulse on current not-for-profit issues.

Join the Conversation

Want to support this work and stay up to date? With a Vantage Point membership, we will keep you informed and facilitate ways for you to contribute your voice to issues which directly affect not-for-profits like yours in BC.

Contact our Sector Development Team:

Joyce Lin
Sector Development Coordinator


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