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Vantage Point convenes and connects withour members and sector organizations on public policy and sector capacity and sustainability initiatives. We organize collective strategies and collaborative opportunities to improve the sector at large. This include sector advocacy, ongoing government relationship building, as well as supporting local not-for-profit networks across the province in various ways.

You can support this work and join the conversation. When you become a member, we will work to keep you informed and facilitate ways for you to contribute your voice to key issues which directly effect not-for-profits like yours in BC.

Impact of the
Non-Profit Sector: Infographic

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Vantage Point’s Sector Narrative peer network developed an infographic to create a clear picture of the size, scope, and impact of the non-profit sector.

Our goal is to inform government of the importance of the sector, and the immense value that non-profits bring to the economy and lives of people in British Columbia.

For Non-Profits:

We encourage non-profits to make use of this infographic to support their discussions with government, partners, and their broader networks.

For Government:

We are calling on government to recognize the crucial role non-profits play in BC. Non-profits address some of the most critical challenges of our time and are vital to the recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. This is the time to partner with and invest in the non-profit sector.


Our Public Policy Initiatives

BC Budget

(Created a submission for the BC 2020 Budget consultation here and BC 2021 Budget consultation here)

    Recommendations and Advocacy

    • ESummarized the recommendations from the Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services (read the summary in our blog called "The BC Budget 2020 Consultation: A Guide for Conversations with your local MLA)
    • EReached out to local MLAs to discuss key recommendations in the report, and to highlight recommendations concerning the proposed review of Community Gaming Grants

    Societies Act

    Proposed Amendments

    • EHeld an info session in partnership with Law for Non-Profits on the proposed amendments to the Societies Act
    • EConsolidated general concerns and feedback to build a joint submission with the Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society (PLEO)

    Tax Policy

    Employer Health Tax

    • ESurveyed not-for-profits on their concerns around the employer health tax, in collaboration with BC Nonprofit Housing Association
    • ESubmitted results to the Ministry of Finance to support decision-making
    • EOutcome: not-for-profit organizations and charities with a payroll under $1.5 million are exempt from paying the tax

    Public Sector Governance

    Board Training

    • EVantage Point secured a contract to develop a training and orientation curriculum for new board members appointed by the government to Public Sector Organizations across BC
    • EIntroduced a principles-based approach to public sector governance through a cross-ministry collaboration, in partnership with the Crown Agency Board Resourcing Office

    Build a Stronger Organization Today!

    Contact our Sector Development Team:

    Joyce Lin
    Sector Development Coordinator

    Sector Impact Infographic Sources

    Average Salary

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    Income of individuals by age group, sex and income source, Canada, provinces and selected census metropolitan areas. Table 11-10-0239-01. (2018) Statistics Canada. Retrieved from

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    BC Charitable Donations

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    BC Non-Profit GDP

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    Gross domestic product (GDP) and income of non-profit institutions by activity (x 1,000,000). Table 36-10-0614-01. (2019). Statistics Canada. Retrieved from

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    COVID-19 Impact on Non-Profits

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    Gender Breakdown in Non-Profits

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    Number of Jobs in BC Community Non-Profits

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    Number of Non-Profits in BC

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    Percentage of British Columbians engaged in volunteering activities over the past year
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    Revenue Sources

    Production, income and outlay accounts of non-profit institutions (x 1,000,000). Table 36-10-0613-01.  (2019). Statistics Canada. Retrieved from

    Size of BC Non-Profit Revenues

    Characteristics of the labour market in British Columbia’s non-profit sector. (2014). Ference Weicker & Co.

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