Strategic and Operational Planning

Strategic Planning:

Vantage Point’s Strategic Planning places your organization in the driver seat and works with your team to create a plan that sets priorities and aligns your team and other stakeholders toward common goals.

Through Vantage Point’s Strategic Planning, you will achieve your organizational goals more easily. A clear vision of where you are going, through clear alignment between priorities, strategies and activities, will inform your team’s daily decision-making.

Under the focused stewardship of your board, we support your organization’s strategic planning through facilitated discussions that:

  • Engage your board members through clearly defined priorities, roles, and responsibilities
  • Unearth the skills essential to effectively govern and lead your organization
  • Validate or reframe your vision, mission, and values
  • Review your market data, stakeholder analysis, internal and environmental scans
  • Frame your definition of success
  • Develop and determine your key priorities
  • Align your people to the mission of your organization

Our Strategic Planning Approach

Vantage Point’s strategic planning model will take your board and leadership team through brainstorming and visualization exercises that provoke generative conversations, identify and prioritize your stakeholders and key opportunities, and define your vision for a better community.

With your organization’s goals and situation in mind, we can design and facilitate a strategic planning process from basic to comprehensive that incorporates one to four sessions with your staff and board. Our approach is focused on aligning your organization’s purpose with directives that guide you over the next 3 years. Board and staff will come away with a re-affirmed, high-level direction and renewed commitment to your mission and vision.

Strategic vs Operational Planning

A strategic plan identifies your high-level goals – an operational plan outlines how your team will achieve those goals.

Your strategic plan sets direction for your organization over a 3-5 year period, identifying high-level strategic priorities to pursue so you can achieve your mission. It does not provide the detail of how you will achieve those priorities and run your organization – that’s your operational plan.

Operational Planning identifies and actions the strategies, objectives, and activities required to fulfill your Strategic Plan

The purpose of the operational plan is to provide staff with a clear picture of their responsibilities. It will usually outline: what tasks must be done; who is responsible for each task; when the tasks much be completed; and what financial or other resources are required.

Our Operational Planning Approach

If your organization has completed a strategic plan and identified priorities for the next 3 to 5 years, the Vantage Point team can support you to build a detailed operational plan that works for your organization and your staff team which might include strategies, objectives or goals, activities, timelines, and metrics.

Facilitation & Activities:

Through our expert facilitation your team will:

  • Identify desired organizational outcomes
  • Identify key strategies to achieve these outcomes
  • Develop clear objectives or goals, establish staffing and resource requirements
  • Develop a process for monitoring your organization’s progress
  • Create concise tasks & objectives to be delivered

Our Operational Planning Options

Basic – Template & Support

A Vantage Point consultant will review operational planning templates with you and your key staff, to identify one that best meets your organization’s requirements.

We will outline possible process steps to complete the operational plan, and define key elements of the plan, including strategies, goals or objectives, activities, resource requirements, and key measures of success.

Comprehensive – Capacity Assessment & Plan Development

If you recently created a strategic plan for the first time, successful implementation will depend on a number of varying factors. It is also critical that your organizational resources and capacity are aligned to support the priorities you have put in place.

For this option, a Vantage Point consultant will undertake a comprehensive organizational assessment, including a review of your organization’s current communication and work practices, existing programs and services, and a lifecycle capacity assessment. The consultant will also work to identify reporting and monitoring information that will be required by senior management, board members, and funders.

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