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Your organization is capable of amazing things. Let us support you to achieve your full potential.

Essentials for New Managers Lab (3 half-days)

Essentials for New Managers is a program for new and aspiring non-profit managers to strengthen their management skills.​

In this program, participants gain tools and approaches to achieve success in their new management role.​

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Executive Director 101 Lab (3 half-days)

Executive Director 101 equips first-time, or incoming, executive directors with practical skills and knowledge to succeed in their role.

This program offers key concepts and space to develop a 12-month plan for success. Learn the essential components to the executive director role to make the learning curve more manageable.

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Leadership Principles Lab (3 half-days)

Leadership Principles strengthens your individual leadership skills and personal attributes to positively impact the effectiveness of your organization.

This lab is a unique professional development offering for non-profit leaders seeking to enhance their current leadership approach.

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Capacity Lab (7 half-days)

Are you looking to grow your internal organization structures and systems or guide your organization through significant growth, change, or transition? 

Capacity Lab is a comprehensive program that takes a holistic look at your organization’s capacity and makes an action plan to effectively develop the organization.

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Advanced Executive Lab (7 half-days)

Advanced Executive Lab will deepen your leadership skills to engage your board, staff, and volunteers and move your team toward your organizational goals.

Embrace the challenges and opportunities of the executive director or most senior staff role. Feel empowered to excel in both your day-to-day responsibilities and the strategic leadership of your organization.

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Raising the Right Revenue: A Fund Development Lab (8 half-days)

Raising the Right Revenue equips senior leaders (executive directors, CEOs, board members, operational managers, fund developers, etc.) responsible for the financial sustainability of a non-profit organization with the tools to build realistic plans for attracting diverse sources of revenue.

Identify which of the many potential revenue sources will work for your organization, develop your case for support, and get comfortable making the ask – or pitch.

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About Our Labs

  • Our labs are facilitated by a mix of staff and volunteers (known as Knowledge Philanthropists) who are subject matter experts in the given topic.​
  • All labs are multi-day commitments, usually weekly or bi-weekly. Each day involves a 3-hour session with at least 2 short breaks.​
  • Participants are asked to attend all days of a lab. Your attendance plays an important role in creating community, holding one another accountable, and exchanging learnings with your peers.
  • Labs that are delivered in partnership with other organizations may differ slightly in structure. You can find this information on the specific event page.​
  • Labs are currently offered as either: virtual only, or hybrid. Please check the specific lab page to see how the session will be delivered.​
  • For hybrid sessions, please inform the Vantage Point team of any changes to your participation mode as soon as possible (for example, if you originally planned to attend in person but are now attending online). This will help facilitators prepare accordingly and ensure that the session is inclusive and engaging for everyone.

A note on safety

Vantage Point is committed to fostering a safe learning environment that minimizes emotional or psychological harm and allows participants to explore difficult issues and express their views honestly.

We recognize that safety is a group responsibility and ask all participants to commit to respectful and considerate engagement

Though we cannot always guarantee participant safety, Vantage Point: 

  • Seeks to create a space where diverse participants can work with issues that are challenging to them, through discomfort, without threat of judgement or prejudice.​
  • Encourages participants to learn from each other’s perspectives, opinions, and mistakes.​
  • Supports facilitator skills and confidence to engage with compassion if a participant is experiencing emotional or psychological harm.​
  • Takes opportunities to learn from participant feedback around safety.​

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