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Your organization is capable of amazing things. Let us support you to achieve your full potential.

Advocacy & Government Relations Lab

How do you create change when you don’t have the resources or authority to make the change yourself? Advocacy! In this three-part lab, you will clarify your advocacy goals, develop an advocacy strategy, and build confidence to engage in advocacy work and engage with government stakeholders.

Capacity Lab

Are you looking to guide your organization through significant growth, change, or transition? Do you feel your organization has unrealized potential? Capacity Lab is the perfect program to take a close look at your organization and make an action plan to effectively move through transitions.

Essentials for New Managers Lab

Essentials for New Managers is a program for new and aspiring not-for-profit managers to strengthen their management skills. Over three sessions, program participants gain tools and approaches to achieve success in their new management role.

Executive Lab

Executive Lab will elevate your leadership skills to engage your board, staff, and volunteers and move your team toward your organizational goals. Embrace the challenges and opportunities of the Executive Director role. Feel empowered to excel in both your day-to-day responsibilities and the strategic leadership of your organization.

Executive Director 101 Lab

Executive Director 101 equips first-time executive directors with practical skills and knowledge to succeed in their role. In this three-day lab, you learn key concepts and develop a 12-month plan for success. Learn the essential components to the executive director role to make the learning curve more manageable.

Leadership Principles Lab

Leadership Principles strengthens your individual leadership skills and personal attributes to positively impact the effectiveness of your organization. The Leadership Principles series is a unique professional development offering for not-for-profit leaders seeking to enhance their current leadership approach.

Raising the Right Revenue: A Fund Development Lab

Raising the Right Revenue: A Fund Development Lab equips not-for-profit managers (Executive Directors, Operational Managers, CEOs, etc.) with the tools to build realistic plans for attracting diverse sources of revenue. Identify which of the many potential revenue sources will work for your organization, develop your case for support, and get comfortable making the ask – or pitch.

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