Leadership Principles Lab

Lab Outline

Leadership Principles strengthens your individual leadership skills and personal attributes to positively impact the effectiveness of your organization.​

This 3-day lab is a unique professional development offering for non-profit leaders seeking to increase self-awareness and learn about values-based leadership.​

Suggested participants:

You are an ideal candidate if you:​

  • are currently working in the non-profit sector and thinking about how to create a more meaningful. experience for yourself and others​
  • are responsible for leading individuals and teams to deliver results​.
  • are hoping to take on further leadership responsibilities in your career​.

Lab Outcomes

By the end of this lab, you will be able to:

  • Identify how your leadership practice is connected to your values and what you can do to strengthen this.
  • Apply various tools to your conversations when supporting others, such as catalytic listening, the GROW coaching framework, and AIM feedback model.
  • Understand the benefits of healthy conflict, accountability, and feedback.

Registration Details

Application Deadline: 2 weeks before the start date​

Bursary Application Deadline: 1 month before the start date

Location: Online / Virtual

Cost: $599 Non-member | $539 Member​

Lab Schedule

June 12, 2024 | 1pm - 4pm

July 19, 2024 | 1pm - 4pm

July 26, 2024 | 1pm - 4pm

Meet Our Facilitators

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Rose Wood

Rose is an organized and analytical business development professional with a passion for supporting the success, growth, and accomplishments of companies and individuals. She possesses a multifaceted skill set with cross-cultural experience working in a wide range of businesses in operations, management, hiring & onboarding, branding, and customer service. With proven success in overseeing large scale events and supporting new store openings. She is an empathetic communicator, a skilled teacher, and an inclusive leader who thrives in collaborative work environments.

She helps people find their alignment and connection to their inner wisdom through workshops, programs, meditation, mindfulness practices, and movement. She focuses on supporting others with stress management so they can live a life of fulfillment and joy.

Lab Benefits

  • Gain insight and clarity around personal values and how they can empower you as a leader.
  • Take time to pause and reflect on topics that may not be prioritized in your daily work and life.
  • Move through leadership concepts from the micro (self) to the macro (your team and organization).

Lab Topics

Leadership Principles focuses on two leadership attributes: leads self and develops talent:

Day 1 – Leading ourselves

  • The five practices of exemplary leadership
  • Authenticity and personal accountability
  • Personal values and leadership philosophy

Day 2 – Leading individuals

  • Active and listening
  • Aligning strengths to achieve organizational goals
  • Coaching

Day 3 – Leading teams

  • Cohesive teams
  • Trust
  • Productive conflict

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