Training Grants

BC Employer Training Grant (ETG)

This program supports skills training for eligible participants and is funded by the Government of Canada through the Workplace Development Agreement. There are six separate streams available for application. For Vantage Point training, apply under the Workplace Training Stream which allows grant access to opportunities such as Management Skills training and Business Skills training which include our services such as leadership training, change management, and strategic planning. We encourage all not-for-profits to apply for the Employer Training Grant before signing up for one of our services that can be covered by the Employer Training Grant. Applications are free and all not-for-profit employers operating within BC are eligible.

For more information and to apply, check out the BC Employer Training Grant program here.

Federation of Community Services of BC: Community Social Services Training Fund

This program supports broad and inclusive training and development efforts that address foundational knowledge and core skills that are needed throughout the social services sector.

There are two granting streams available under this program:

  • Support for Certification/Education Individual and
  • Support for Organizational Training.

For Vantage Point training, the most applicable stream is the Support for Organizational Training which has three funding rounds: organizational strengthening, mental health and wellness, and equity and reconciliation. Each funding round has a different application timeline. This stream includes our services such as leadership, human resources, and equity, diversity, and inclusion training.

Eligible organizations are only able to apply once per fiscal year for funding of up to $10,000. The fiscal year for the Federation of Community Social Services of BC’s current fiscal year ends on March 31st, 2021 with the new fiscal year beginning April 1st, 2021.

For more information and to apply, check out the Community Social Services Training grants here.

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