Advanced Governance: Strategic and Generative Conversation

Transform the Impact of your board conversations.

Workshop Description

Move beyond fiduciary check-lists and tap into the collective insights, experience and creativity of your board through generative and strategic conversations.​

Drawing on the Governance as Leadership framework, this workshop will provide you with a strong foundation to shift the focus of your board conversations toward the issues that really matter. Learn how to incorporate generative and strategic conversations into your board culture, gain tools to work towards consensus decision making, and transform the impact of your board conversations.​

Suggested Participants:

Board members and senior staff (for example, Executive Directors/CEOs, Managing Directors or Operations Managers) who want to see fresh governance perspectives on their board.​

Note: Participants are encouraged to attend Board Fundamentals: Roles & Responsibilities (or equivalent) before taking this workshop.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Describe the three modes of governance.
  • Identify important fiduciary, strategic, and generative questions to discuss as a board.
  • Implement meetings tools that support complicated and complex conversations at the board table.

Workshop Benefits:

  • A creative space to discuss and address how board conversations could be.
  • Signs that indicate to your board an opportunity to engage in a generative conversation.
  • Reflection around how to create more space in meetings for generative and strategic thought.

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