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Board Fundamentals: Fund Development

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Learn best practices and concrete ideas to support your organization’s fundraising efforts

Boards have a critical role to play in fund development, yet many board members don’t feel they have the experience or confidence to be effective in promoting their organization

Suggested Participants:

Board members, executive directors/CEOs or senior leaders (i.e. Directors, Managers, etc.) of not-for-profit organizations.

This workshop is targeted to board members who want to learn how to develop a culture of fund development within their organization.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this session you will:

  • EUnderstand the current limitations and opportunities in fund development and be able to assess which fundraising approaches would work best for your organization
  • EBe able to bring more prospective donors to your organization
  • EIncrease your confidence in talking to prospective donors about funding opportunities
  • EHave concrete tools for increasing donor retention

Topics Covered:

The workshop will cover the following topics in an interactive, discussion-filled format:

1. Fundraising success factors:

  • EThe current fundraising environment in Canada
  • EPhilanthropic trends and competition for donor dollars
  • EHow to best talk about your organization

2. Types of Fundraising

  • ETypes of fundraising approaches and campaigns
  • EHow to assess the best fundraising types for your organization

3. Strategic relationship building

  • EHow to move from conversation to action with an interested prospective donor
  • EHow to find and assess new prospective donors for your organization
  • EHow to build relationships with potential prospective donors

4. Making the ask

  • ETips to increase board involvement in identifying who, when, where and how to ask
  • EHow to support a successful face to face ask

5. Donor retention through stewardship

  • EHow and why you should keep in touch once the money arrives
  • ECreative approaches to stewardship

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