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It can feel as though some leaders “just know” the right fit for the job

Did you know culture is at the very core of an organization’s success? Even before strategy?

Culture, or “the way we do things around here,” determines how well your organization will be able to use its resources to achieve its priorities. In this half-day workshop, you will explore what culture really means and identify strategies to create a culture which attracts great people to your organization.

In Culture & Engagement, you will dig deep into how culture reveals itself and learn how to go beyond a “decent” work environment to a great work environment. Taking action to create your desired organizational culture will:

  • PIncrease employee and volunteer engagement
  • PAttract people who share your values and believe in your mission
  • PEnhance your ability to deliver your mission

Suggested Participants:

This workshop is ideal for executive directors, HR directors, board members, and other not-for-profit leaders

Learning Outcomes:

Come away from this workshop with the ability to:

  • PDescribe how your organizational culture affects your ability to achieve your mission
  • PIdentify behaviours that foster staff/volunteer engagement, support inclusion and get team members’ best work
  • PDefine the culture you want to foster at your organization
  • PIdentify action steps to support your desired culture

This workshop is only offered as a custom or onsite workshop. The content is offered as part of Executive Lab.

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