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Lifecycles Self-Assessment: Understanding Capacity

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Identify and develop your organization’s internal capacity.

Do you feel you’re squeezing all your effort, energy, and resources into delivering programs and services without a moment to take a breath and look at your internal capacity?

Imagine if you could step back from the day-to-day operations and gain clarity on where to best build and strengthen your organization.

This full-day workshop supports you to diagnose your organization’s capacity in governance, management, financial resources, and administrative systems.

From our decades of experience working with not-for-profits here in BC, we know that to truly understand your organizational capacity, it takes an in-depth understanding of your organization, its history, its current realities, and its aspirations for the future.

    Suggested Participants:

    Executive directors/CEOs, board members, and other senior leaders of not-for-profit organizations.

    Past participants have found this workshop most beneficial when two to three individuals from the organization register together.

    Workshop Benefits:

    Organizations are like people. They move through different stages of development. From start-up to growth to maturity to decline, every stage is part of a normal process – complete with unique benefits and challenges.

    Through apply the organizational lifecycle model to your organization you can:

    • PFocus your organizational planning and capacity building efforts on activities that offer the greatest impact
    • PIncrease insight on whether your current challenges and opportunities are part of a normal progression
    • PIdentifies transition stages that may be causing additional pressure and how to move through them

    Workshop Description:

    Diagnose your organization’s lifecycle stage, pinpoint your exact growing pains, and plan next steps for capacity development.

    Come away from this workshop with the ability to:

    • PIdentify steps for your organization to build capacity in governance, management, financial resources, and administrative systems
    • PSelf-assess your organization’s current stage using the Nonprofit Lifecycle Selfie tool
    • PApply the lifecycle lens and capacity framework to improve the impact of your mission and programs


    “I was introduced to this model eleven years ago and have applied it to strategic planning processes and for planning new projects. Knowing what stage we are in, informs the questions we ask and the resources we need to focus on”.

    — Howard Jang, Executive Director, Arts Club Theatre Company

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