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Scarcity To Abundance

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A Road Map to Not-For-Profit Sustainability

Focus on what is available: talented people.

Working alongside other not-for-profit executive directors and board members, you will explore a new road map to not-for-profit leadership. It hinges on our unique advantage: as not-for-profits, we do not require more money to have more impact.

We can hire the best, most talented people, and pay them with meaning.

Get ready for theory, tips, case studies and practical tools that will equip you to attract, meaningfully engage and align an abundance of talented people towards your mission.

    Suggested Participants:

    Executive directors, board members and other senior leaders who are keen to explore a new approach to not-for-profit leadership

    Learning Outcomes:

    This session will challenge scarcity thinking in our sector and equip you to:

    • ERecognize your unique opportunity to engage an abundance of talented people
    • ELeverage your mission and vision to attract new talent Identify the building blocks of an abundant not-for-profit, and assess what you currently have in place
    • EDiscover and debunk myths about volunteerism currently alive in your organization Identify concrete next steps to further your organization towards abundance
    • ELearn key success factors in attracting and recruiting high performers to your team
    • EIdentify the skills and expertise you require in order to pro-actively attract and recruit top talent

    Workshop Benefits:

    Equip yourself with a clear understanding of an abundant not-for-profit as a new road map to achieving your organization’s mission.

    This half-day workshop fosters a rich environment for peer learning.

    Attendees leave with concrete ways they can begin to lead their organization towards abundance.

    • EOvercome scarcity thinking and the restrictions imposed by your current budget
    • EDiscover a new road map to increase your mission delivery by engaging an abundance of talent
    • EIdentify 2-3 concrete next steps to you can begin to implement right away

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